Triple Room

  • i-einzelzimmer   Queen-Size Double Bed & Single Bunk
  • i-wifi   Free and fast WiFI
  • i-koffer   Nice and clean shared bathrooms
  • i-arrows   24/7 access for checked-in guests
  • i-tasse   Coffee and tea for free
  • i-besteck   Breakfast only 7,90€
  • i-cross   Stunning view over Southern Cologne

(Prices vary on weekdays or city events)

The Room

Jimmy is a triple room, inspired by the 60’s mod movement. Let us take you back in time, feel the original beats and take in all the exquisite details in the room.
Reminisce and rent this room for €75 per night (for 3 people) or as a couple for €67.50 a night. Linens and Wifi are included in the price.

Jimmy's Story

The 60s Beat-Joint

The late 60’s: Jimmy, a young hipster from Liverpool, quickly realizes that he is a step ahead of his peers, while visiting cologne as an exchange student for the first time. He decides to ditch school and stay in Germany. In the late 60’s and early 70’s, there isn’t a single bar or after hours club within a 400 km radius where his 1966 Vespa GT hasn’t been seen before. Night after night, Jimmy could be spotted at any given club wearing his freshly starched shirts, high-waisted zoo suits and greased hair, spinning his 7-inch records. To him, the movie “Quadrophonia” (which he had seen about 100 times) was one of the single most influential works of art, influencing his style and inspiring nightly epiphanies. Here come the 80’s: the all-nighters decrease, the DJ bookings fall shorter and he starts working odd jobs, selling pretzels and working as a garbage man.

He decides to move out of his apartment in ‘Buchforst’ (near Cologne) and move to the Wohngemeinschaft for good. He now runs and is the sole mechanic of his own little Vespa shop. If only those after-hour parties were still a part of his life, everything would be perfect.