20:00 Uhr
Presale: 10€ / Box office: 12€


Das Konzert mit Tom Gatza am 07.10.2021 muss leider aus produktionstechnischen Gründen abgesagt werden. Vielen Dank für euer Verständnis!

With his compositions and productions, Hamburg-based multi-instrumentalist Tom Gatza creates intimate worlds whose Nordic melancholy is transported to wide open spaces by cinematic atmospheres and energetic drum sounds. Through his expansive soundscapes created at the piano, Gatza takes his audience on hypnotic ups and downs between neo-classical, jazz and post-rock. His debut EP Melo (2018) already found several hundred thousand listeners on Spotify alone and needed him support shows for artists like Hauschka or Federico Albanese.

On his new album Re, which will be released on May 15 via Listenrecords, Gatza now spins his sound further: The production sounds more sublime and mature, strings and brass add orchestral elements, which are skillfully and always surprisingly combined with electronic sounds.