• i-einzelzimmer   1,40 m large bunks
  • i-wifi   Free and fast WiFI
  • i-koffer   Nice and clean shared bathrooms
  • i-arrows   24/7 access for checked-in guests
  • i-tasse   Coffee and tea for free
  • i-besteck   Breakfast only 7,90€
  • i-cross   Linens & a free locker included

(Prices vary on weekdays or city events)

The Room

The Roadinis is a dorm equipped, equipped with 6 beds and rental price of €20 per night. Each bunk is 1.40 meters wide. For maximum privacy, you can close the curtain in front of the bed. Free Wifi, linens and a locker for your things are available for free.

The Roadinis

The Backpacker’s-Backstage-Room

The “Roadinis” are Sid, Zoe, Marty, Dave and the twins, Liz and Leslie. They are considered to be the fastest roadie crew out there. Whenever a stage needs to be set up, guitars have to be tuned or pyrotechnics need to be installed, everyone knows who to call: the Roadinis. They got their name from the famous Joey Ramone, who once compared their ability to make stages appear and disappear in no time, with the works of the legendary magician, Houdini. This praise made them even more popular. After Nirvana’s first big tour, lead singer Curt Cobain asked them to sign one of his lumberjack shirts, which up until today graces the Hard Rock Café in Orlando. In 2010, the pioneer of punk rock, Iggy Pop honoured them as the first non-musicians who were accepted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. However, their somewhat rough behaviour is not for everyone. This was made clear in 2003 after an altercation with a former German Idol winner, about the importance of “The Velvet Underground” for the history of music, when the Roadinis left him stranded at a pit stop only wearing Miss-Kitty-Boxershorts. When asked about the incident, Marty stated: “We are the Roadinis – if you book us, you get the best – if you cross us, it’ll get uncomfortable.” Currently, the six are on tour with an unknown Australian band. When asked for how long her body can endure the hard roadie lifestyle, Liz answered: “As long as I can still hold a beer and gaffa tape.” That must be true passion…