• i-einzelzimmer   1,40 m large bunks
  • i-wifi   Free and fast WiFI
  • i-koffer   Nice and clean shared bathrooms
  • i-arrows   24/7 access for checked-in guests
  • i-tasse   Coffee and tea for free
  • i-besteck   Breakfast only 7,90€
  • i-cross   Linens & a free locker included

(Prices vary on weekdays or city events)

The Room

Circus Dilettanti is a mixed dormitory. You can check into one of our four bunks for €20 per night. Each bunk is 1.40 meters wide. For maximum privacy, you can close the curtain in front of the bed. Free Wifi, linens and a locker for your things are available for free.


Circus Dilettanti

The Odd Manège

The four most clumsy artists ever born got to know eachother at the Slackline-Yoga-Association in Cologne-Ehrenfeld. At that time they all had regular jobs as webdesigners, audio visual designers or videogame developers. After the weekly slackline practice, some booze and the regular complaining about the jobs they had, Lars came up with the idea of opening up a circus. The next day, they quit their jobs and spent their money on a circus tent, a rope and some other equipment to make their dream come true. ‘Circus Dilettanti’ was born over night. The four artists quickly realized that their talents and skills were limited. Instead, they decided to show off what they can’t do, rather what they can hardly do. Stan, proud owner of an artifical leg, from now was called “Stumbling Stan”. He became famous for balancing on a dizzying 40cm high rope. Nino, who had been treated for his depressions over the last years, performed as “Manic August”, the not-so-funny clown. Jamie, called himself “Mr. Slowhand”, showing off his magic tricks as slowly as possible, making every youtube tutorial feel like a rollercoaster ride. Last but not least Mark, the former game developer with his arthrosis-damaged spine, delights the audience as a weightlifter and contortionist and goes by the name of “Bone Marrow”. If they hadn’t forgotten about advertising, their shows would most definitely be sold out. But wait a minute – where is the tent?