Relax in Jojo’s Bulli with up to 20 people and take a trip through Cologne’s nightlife or even imagine the fresh ocean breeze…



Traveling, surfing, juggling, smoking pot

Favorite book:

On the Road (by Jack Kerouac)

Favourite movie:

Point Break, Into the Wild

Favorite tunes:

Clandestino (by Manu Chao)

Jojo's Story

During the summer vacation of 1981 in France, Jojo was conceived in the same exact VW-Bulli as he lives in today. Shortly after graduating school, Jojo who studies regional sciences of Latin America, African Studies and Ethnology today, found his parents VW-Bulli on eBay and spent way to much money on a car that was in a shitty condition. From 2001 – 2004, the passionate surfer was on a world trip, took in everything during his travels and hardly ever missed a wave. Unfortunately, his trip ended abruptly when the engine of his faithful companion gave up on the way back from South Africa on a German highway near Cologne. Although his landlord tried to object, Jojo decided to park the VW-Bulli in his room, to always have something to remember his travels by.