You can book Annabell’s room for an afternoon coffee, or in the evening for birthdays or spontaneous parties for up to 25 people.

Annabell loves to welcome new guests.



Reading, writing, sipping tea

Favorite book:

‘Anuschka loves the wind’

Favourite movie:

Fried Green Tomatoes, Amelie

Favorite tunes:

Everything by Norah Jones, Nouvelle Vague and Emiliana Torrini

Annabell's Story

Annabell is originally from the northwestern region called ‘Münsterland’. She moved into the Wohngemeinschaft “because of the huge windows.” She spent the last two years in Berlin, trying to get into acting school without any success. After a year of being a foot model for a famous organic sandal manufacturer, she finally buried her dream. Besides, she wanted to leave Berlin anyway, because it was too hectic for her. In addition to studying economics (“You need something solid”), Annabell is now trying to write romance novels because she is convinced that it is possible to write them in a sophisticated way. Annabell loves her good cup of rooibos tea. She is also a perfectionist – so it can take a few days to get some words on a page. Finally next spring, however, her first novel with the title ‘Anuschka loves the wind’ will finally be published. It is about a woman who escapes from the metropolis to find herself. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

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