The Auditorium

Seating Arrangement:

  • Pictogramm-Belegung-1   Theatre: 30 PAX
  •    Conference: 20 PAX
  • Pictogramm-Gruppentische   Working groups: 20 PAX
  •    Chair circle: 20 PAX

On the Other Side of Time and Space

Laif has always thought about what lasts. His greatest enemy has always been negligence. He meticulously took pictures, sketched and documented his days. The only thing he could not separate from this neglegence were the sounds around him. That changed from the moment he was given a dictation machine and he would record everything.

Old diaries and sketchbooks were replaced by tons of cassettes, on which he recorded every possible sound. While industrial equipment fell silent in the neighborhood, the first floppy disk drives began heating up. Here, too, many things were fading away. His destiny was to turn his room into an ‘audio time-capsule’. Voices, emotions and languages ​​are part of the project. Every visitor to the ‘Auditorium’ will therefore be asked these four questions:

Who are you?
Where are you from?
Why are you here?
Where are you going?

Laif archives the answers on tape. Don’t you think future generations would like to know what humanity was concered about back then?


All rooms are equiped with a movable media wall that can be used as a room
seperator. It also includes a refrigerator, a coffee machine and a 65-inch-screen for presentations.

  • Pictogramm-Wifi   Strong & secure Wifi connection
  • Pictogramm-Smart-TV   65-inch-screen
  • Pictogramm-Medienwand   Movable media wall
  • Pictogramm-flipchart   Presentation & planning boards