The Balance

Seating Arrangement:

  • Pictogramm-Belegung-1   Theatre: 20 PAX
  •    Conference: 16 PAX
  • Pictogramm-Gruppentische   Working groups: 14 PAX
  •    Chair Circle: 14 PAX

Everything's Connected

Who would have thought that from hiking in the summits of the Alps to being back at the bleak office surrounding, takes no time at all. Work through the week in anticipation of the weekend. Anna, Toni, Lui and Mela are fed up with this unbalanced lifestyle, so they decide to turn their hobby into their profession.

Their agency “The Balance” has been dedicated to focus on this exact topic: balance. For them it’s not about the often discussed work-life-balance, but rather the actual balancing of the own body. As a ‘balance-coach’ they go into companies and teach people only one thing: balance! Entire departments end up climbing over desks, chairs, printers and window sills with the only aim of not touching the floor. In the meantime, the agency has developed an unique ’floating room’ in the Wohngemeinschaft. Interested groups are invited to participate in cleverly thought out seminars, in which one outlook stands above all: disturbing the balance is easy but holding it requires everyone.

The best part of their job is that they still manage to spend their spare time climbing the steep alpine walls. This is how a balanced life should look like.


All rooms are equiped with a movable media wall that can be used as a room
seperator. It also includes a refrigerator, a coffee machine and a 65-inch-screen for presentations.

  • Pictogramm-Wifi   Strong & secure Wifi connection
  • Pictogramm-Smart-TV   65-inch-screen
  • Pictogramm-Medienwand   Movable media wall
  • Pictogramm-flipchart   Presentation & planning boards