The café part of the Wohngemeinschaft opens daily at 3 pm and offers you a balanced menu until the early evening. Besides coffee and cake, we offer delicious soups by ‘Meister Lampe’. Inspired by grandma’s soups, they are homemade, cooked without any preservatives and freshly served in a glas jar.

The delightful cakes are backed by the traditional pastry shop ‘Café Braun’. Depending on the season, the selection varies from strawberry to the famous ‘Sachertorte’ (specific type of choclate cake) to other little sweet sins.


Coffee and Cake

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Local and Fair

Direct-Trade Coffee • Organic-Tea • Viva con Agua (water) • Lemonades (by ‘lemonaid’) • Cake from our Local Supplier • Fresh & Delicious Soups




Summer Breeze

Whether it’s a coffee or a ‘Kölsch’, our patio is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the summer breeze from april to october.