In the evening, the Wohngemeinschaft is a bar. The menu offers a wide choice between traditional and refreshing new drinks. From delicious craftbeers, like the ‘Dolden Sud IPA’ to the old school ‘Mühlen Kölsch’ or the energizing ‘Club Mate’ and the bubbly black currant juice. Besides the longdrink classics like ‘Gin Tonic’ or ‘Moscow Mule’ we offer exotics like ‘apple-cherry-elderberry-vodka’. If you still prefer to chose a classic beer, the ‘Mühlen Kölsch’ is one of the last ‘Kölsch’ brands produced in a real house brewery.
Enjoy your drinks in whatever position you like: whether its lying on one of the beds, sitting in the VW-Bulli, casually standing at the bar or even whilst playing table tennis.




Summer Breeze

Whether it’s a coffee or a ‘Kölsch’, our patio is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the summer breeze from april to october.

Kölsch & Köbes


Local Trends und Classics

Mühlen Kölsch • Rothaus Pils • Becks • Longdrink Classics • Different Wines • Homemade Shots (Mexikaner) • Fritz-Kola • Lemonades • ChariTea