Want to perform on our stage?

Please help us save time, as we get up to 50 inquiries per week. Before sending yours, please check if you can adapt to the following information:

  1. We host concerts, poetry slams, readings, films, live-podcasts and a lot more. If you want to host an event, you can also rent the theatre, as long as the performance fits our program. We don’t support ‘PayToPlay’ – so if you’re a band you cannot rent the venue for a gig.
  2. We can only accept digital inquiries that include audio- or video files, a brief summary of what you do and when you want to perform here. Please save paper and money and do not send CDs or inquiry letters by post.
  3. We only host seated shows as the venue is perfect for artists that need a quiet and attentive crowd. Doesn’t mean we don’t like dancing but at our place we provide space for intimate shows and quiet tunes. However, our capacity is limited to 70 seats only.
  4. Please keep your original sound and don’t try to adjust to something you don’t actually do. We are looking for artists that intentionally require a more intimate atmosphere.
  5. We are not into hosting donation based shows at all. If we host a concert we want the artist to be fairly paid and the only way to ensure that, is to have an entrance fee.
  6. Our concert-venue called “Theatre” is separated from both hostel and the bar.
    Be aware that, besides our local promotion of events, you must rely on your fanbase or at least on a well planned tour promotion that attracts enough guests. We will not be able to promote an unknown band in a packed show without already existing fans and regional or national promotion.

Anfrage / Inquiry