Hostel, die Wohngemeinschaft

Room for Ideas

Our creative spaces offer the perfect setting for conversations that can not be held at the typical office desk, providing space for topics that require vision, openness and inspiration.

Booking Inquiry

Are you looking for a venue to oraganize workshops, creative meetings, seminars, barcamps, a press conference or a charity event?

We look forward to your inquiry and ideas.


The Kitchen

Hostel, die Wohngemeinschaft
Hostel, die Wohngemeinschaft, Köln, Cologne, Creative Space, Cafe, Bar, Theater

The Essence of a Community

As in any shared flat (German: Wohngemeinschaft), our kitchen is the ideal place for relaxing, networking, feasting or simply to philosophize over the meaning of life. The kitchen can also be used as a charming creative space, if you rent out all other rooms as well.